Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stan Lee's Lightspeed Writer and Return of the Killer Shrews Director Steve Latshaw Raves for The Emperor's Gambit

Fan fave Steve Latshaw is a writer/director/producer who has worked with popular film and television stars Dolph Lundgren, Treat Williams, Jason Connery, Lee Majors, Dean Stockwell, John Schneider, and James Best among others. His film credits include Stan Lee's Lightspeed, Command Performance, Jack-O, Death Mask, Rangers, and Xenophobia. Steve is also a fan of Charles Lee Jackson II's Emperorverse. Below you can read what Mr. Latshaw has to say about book one, The Emperor's Gambit.

"I have a fondness for looking back at the mind candy of my youth from the 60s and early 70s... the paperback spy novels featuring Matt Helm, The Saint and the Men from U.N.C.L.E.; the James Bond movies, soundtracks and Bubble Gum Cards (Sean Connery, thank you very much). So many memories... Alistair MacLean novels, the Avengers and the Persuaders on TV and, oh, those amazing Republic Serials, seen occasionally on the late show or local cable, and in Super 8mm Ken Films cutdowns. And I read about them in the pages of books by Alan Barbour and Don Glut & Jim Harmon, and the occasional, tattered issue of Screen Thrills Illustrated, treated like the gold it was.

"But over time the words, flickering images and memories seem to fade. Or at least they did, until I stumbled into the first few pages of Charles Lee Jackson II's The Emperor's Gambit. And now it all comes back with his series of novels. Mr. Jackson has created an embarrassment of high adventure riches, a literary stew pot mixing every cool paperback, comic, Super 8mm reel, late night TV treasure and John Barry score I've ever owned. Mr. Jackson's books combine the best of heady 60s and 70s spy adventure with the breakneck pace and scale of the great Republic serials, and all with a wry sense of good humor that rival's Napoleon Solo's best lines. And best of all, when I read them, I'm 12 years old again, and the world is new and full of intrigue, and possibilities. And high adventure. Oh, and the good guys win. As they should."

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Emperor Forerunners: Saturday Matinee Cliffhangers - G-Men Vs. the Black Dragon

This classic motion picture serial influenced Charles Lee Jackson II's style and sensibility, as well as those of his celebrated character, The Emperor.

Jackson writes, "B-movies and Saturday matinee movie serials were always interconnected in the "Golden Age" of motion pictures. The best of them combined solid, if shallow, storylines with slam-bang action, and some of the best of these had their influences on my style. B-movies routinely showed that action, romance, comedy, and even music could be mixed to provide great entertainment. Among serials, 1943's G-Men Vs. the Black Dragon (with its non-stop excitement) helped me envision a milieu of heroes, villains, and plots that go beyond those influences but remember their past, and The Emperor owes it and its companion films a tip of the crown."

G-Men Vs. the Black Dragon is not merely a good serial, it is one of the best. Wikipedia hails it as "noteworthy among adventure serials." Rather than relying heavily on stock footage of car chases and melting mountains for its thrills, G-Men Vs. the Black Dragon, perhaps because it was made during the first year of World War II, right after the stunning events of Pearl Harbor, featured an "unusually high number of fistfights, all staged by director William Witney and a team of stuntmen." Filmed as a homeland morale booster, following a series of major U.S. Naval defeats, the temper of the film, like the temper of the times, can best be summed up in the titles of its first chapter and its last. "The Yellow Peril" and "Democracy in Action."

One of the classic Republic chaptershows, G-Men starred that stalwart of the B-movie, Rod Cameron. In fact, it made the then unknown Cameron a star. Universal Pictures immediately hired the tall, rugged young actor to replace their outgoing western star, the likable Johnny Mack Brown, as their newest B-western hero. Later Rod Cameron would star in three early television series: City Detective, State Trooper, and COronado 9. Afterward, a much beloved figure, Cameron appeared in one or two movies or television shows each year, up until very near his death in 1983.

The Emperor's tip 'o the crown to G-Men Vs. the Black Dragon.

 And a tip of the movie serial and pulp magazine hat to The Emperor's adventures. Joe Vadalma, author of The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch, says, "Reminds me of the old B-movie action."

You can read the first Emperor novel, The Emperor's Gambit, now - only 99 cents for Kindle at Amazon.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Audio Interview: Charles Lee Jackson II Talks About the Creation of The Emperor's Fearless Band of Adventurers


Join CLJII as he describes the real life group of friends he based, and often named after, The Emperor's doughty crew of crime-fighter, and then details the comics and movies that inspired his characters, adventures and universe.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Publisher Creates Promotional Postcard for The Emperor Novels

FuturesPast Editions, publishers of Charles Lee Jackson II's Emperor novels, has created a postcard sized giveaway for the series and is  debuting it May 17-18 at the combined Big Wow Comicfest and Famous Monsters Film Festival in San Jose, CA. 

Here is a preliminary sneak peak at an early first draft of both sides.



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Monday, May 5, 2014

All Charles Lee Jackson II Emperor Books on Sale 99 Cents - FuturesPast Editions Celebrates Publication of 7th Emperor Novel!

To celebrate the release of The Emperor and the Masters of Disasters, the 7th book in the growing Emperor saga, FuturesPast Editions is putting all seven books on sale for only 99 cents each at Amazon for Kindle.

If you like quirky adventure start with book I: The Emperor's Gambit. See Charles Lee Jackson II's debonair hero and his intrepid band of adventurers in action.

Or, if you love super heroines, try Blonde Bombshells, featuring the origin stories of The Emperor's gal pals, Solara and Shooting Star.

Start anywhere. You won't have a better time for 99 cents in ebook at Amazon.


THE EMPEROR'S SECRET FILES (focus is on his band of adventurers)

The Executive of Crime (featuring secret agent Max Decker)

Blonde Bombshells (featuring Shooting Star and Solara)

The Mark of Cypher (featuring Fireball)

The Trail Riders (featuring Cassiday, Rafferty and Jones)

For forty years, Charles Lee Jackson II has been producing a body of work unprecedented in the annals of pulp magazines and comics. He has garnered a fanatic body of followers and admirers - but his work has never been made available to a mass audience before! FuturesPast Editions is prond to be designated publisher for the first ever paperback and ebook editions showcasing the exploits o his debonaire cliffhanger hero, in his fight against the forces of evil.

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Publishers of Off-Trail Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror 

The Emperor and the Masters of Disasters - Newest Thriller in the Emperor Saga Published




Earth's weather turned into a deadly engine of destruction against humanity!

"Charles Lee Jackson's 'The Emperor' novels are fun, snappy, and a reflection of the pulp fiction that readers have read and loved for decades. Jackson couples original characters with seductive situations that will have you on the edge of your seat." –J. D. Crayne, author of How to Bonk a Zombie.

Enemy aliens from the planet Randnar are here and they have a master plan for conquest and destruction. From blasting a hole in our vital ozone layer to creating a super hurricane, halting the Gulf Steam, and stirring up a mega-tsunami, their campaign moves from doom to doom – Earth's doom!

And it’s up to The Emperor and his fearless band of crime-fighters to try to stop the world-wide ruin of civilization! The battle is so intense that The Emperor even calls on that blonde bombshell, Solara, in the war between The Emperor and the Masters of Disaster!

Plus, as a bonus, "The Emperor Faces the Truth!". A classic Emperor pulp short story from "CLJII Presents, No 1, Summer 1992. Random murder attempts lead the Emperor onto the trail of a megalomaniacal fiend who controls his minions with a magical demonic mask! 

Then he turns its powers on the Emperor, to add our hero to his list of slaves. Has the Emperor met his match at last?

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