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"Costumed superheroes, fast-paced action, and plots that will knock your  socks off! The 'Emperor' novels are fun, snappy, and a reflection of  the pulp fiction that readers have read and loved for decades. Jackson couples original characters with seductive situations that will have you  on the edge of your seat."
–J. D. Crayne, author,
How to Bonk a Zombie.

Are you a fan of Superman, Captain America, the Flash, the Avengers. Doc Savage, and other superheroes? Then prepare to enter a world of adventure and danger, the world of a hero unequaled since the days of the movie serials, of comic books, and the yellowed pages of the pulp magazines. 

He could leap tall buildings, if he wanted to. He is nearly invulnerable, but doesn't like to show off. He is super-strong, super-smart, super-fast. But he'd rather wine and dine beautiful women than pummel bad guys.

But watch out, bad guys. Once he gets you in his sights…   

He's the Emperor, the world's first non-costumed superhero. Born in an underground comic in the 1960s, he's now featured in his own series of pulp novels.

A debonair crimefighter, head of an intrepid band of adventurers, the Emperor fights evil where ever it may arise. Able to pass unsuspected through any security or fortification, he has outwitted and outfought the cleverest and most deadly enemies. The Emperor’s exploits put those of James Bond, Jack Reacher, and those two men from U.N.C.L.E. to shame.   

Book One, The Emperor's Gambit, showcases four amazing adventures of The Emperor, as he and his able corps of agents fight international criminals, foreign terrorists, space aliens, and a madman with the gloves Thor used to wield Mjolnir, his mighty hammer! 

Don't miss this underground pulp and comic book sensation–now in book form. For forty years, Charles Lee Jackson II has been producing a body of work unprecedented in the annals of pulp magazines and comics. He has garnered a fanatic body of followers and admirers–but his work has never been made available to a mass audience before! Begin the adventure here, with the first volume of stories featuring Jackson's legendary cliffhanger hero in his fight against the forces of evil.

"Combines the best of heady 60s and 70s spy adventure with the breakneck pace and scale of the great Republic serials, with a wry sense of good humor that rivals Napoleon Solo's best lines."
–Steve Latshaw, screenwriter, Stan Lee's Lightspeed, and director, Return of the Killer Shrews.

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