Friday, March 21, 2014

99 Cents - for Fans of B-Westerns - "Trail Riders" - Newest Emperor's Secret Files Out in eBook

The Emperor reaches into his Secret Files and pulls out old-fashioned Western Adventure with a added bushel of belly-laughs!

If your heart beats to old-fashioned westerns, Saturday afternoon movie serials, the early TV adventures of Kit Carson, the Cisco Kid, and Annie Oakley, or the novels of Louis L'Amour, "Trail Riders" is what you've been lookin' for.

It ain't just the Emperor and his pals who fought crime. Their grandpaws and grandmaws was a'fightin' crime in the olden days, afore 'em. A while ago the Emperor's sometime gal-pal, "Kit" Cassiday, donated a yellowing journal to the Secret Files. That there document was the memoirs of her granddad, who had been a certified gun-tottin', horse-ridin', automobile-drivin' U.S. Marshal out West back in the 1920s, when a new kinduh firepower, a new kinduh crime and a new kinduh criminal was bringing back that Old West feel. All a marshal could count on was his horse, his shootin' iron and his saddle pals. Along with his sidekicks Slim Rafferty and Alibi Jones, and their faithful steeds, Gent, Duster, and Unk, Marshal Cassiday rode the range in the closing days of the Old West. They were lonesome cowpokes, and the lyrics of the trail songs they sang - like "Streets of Laredo," "Home on the Range," and "Sweet Betsy from Pike" - spice these pages.

Here, released for the first time from "The Emperor's Secret Files", are four rootin’-tootin’, rip-snortin’, gun-slingin’ adventures in the California desert, with the boys out-ridin’, out-shootin’, and out-thinkin’ train robbers, cattle rustlers, claim jumpers, and more. Kit and Slim come to the aid of their old pal Alibi when he’s accused of robbery and murder, and end up in deadly danger as they discover “The Secret of Cibola”. Slim and Alibi are in plenty of trouble when they lose an entire locomotive and cars, but still help Kit as he seeks the “Train to Los Padres”. The boys work to solve the mystery of cattle that seem to have vanished into thin air, victims of a gang of “Phantom Rustlers”. A missing US Mail driver and a pretty girl draw the boys into a trap, but you can bet they’ll find a way out, to become “Cowboy Couriers”.

More exciting adventures from the Emperorverse, by Charles Lee Jackson, II. Pull up a chair and download a copy right now.

Only 99 cents. What are you waiting for?
Get Trail Riders in Kindle for only $0.99.

And to celebrate the opening of this blog, FuturesPast Editions, official publisher for the Emperorverse, is dropping the price of the first Emperor book, The Emperor's Gambit at Amazon to $2.99.
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