Friday, March 21, 2014

Free - Hear Bill Mills Sing All 5 Classic Cowboy Songs from New Secret Files Book - "Trail Riders"

Five old-time cowboy songs that Slim Rafferty sings in Charles Lee Jackson II's newest entry in the Emperor's Secret Files series, Trail Riders:  "Streets of Laredo," "Home on the Range," "Foggy Foggy Dew," "The Old Chisholm Trail," and "Sweet Betsy from Pike".

Of these CLJII writes that: "Streets of Laredo" is a traditional US folk song derived from
the English folk ballad "The Unfortunate Lad"; "Home on the Range" was written by Brewster M. Higley and Daniel E. Kelley, and arranged by David W. Guion; "Foggy Foggy Dew" is a traditional English Folk Song; "The Old Chisholm Trail" is a traditional US folk song; "Sweet Betsy from Pike" was written by John A. Stone."
* * *
Now Bill Mills, the real-life singer/performer who also appears as a character in  The Emperor's Gambit and other Emperor adventures, has recorded all five songs and you can hear them free.

The Emperor says: "Join in the extra fun of Trail Riders with this special bonus feature. Yuh kin hear Slim Rafferty's songs, performed by my own sidekick, Bill Mills (yuh 'member him from The Emperor's Gambit and The Emperor Marked for Death, right?). Yuh kin kick up yuhr heels and dance, or jest sing along with these traditional Western tunes."

Click here to go to Bill Mills' Trail Riders Songs page.  

And to celebrate the opening of this blog
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