Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Emperor Forerunners: The Saint - See Him in a Wonderful Illustration for a 1936 Simon Templar Magazine Story

Leslie Charters' immortal Robin Hood of crime, Simon Templar, otherwise known as The Saint, was one of Emperor associate David McDaniel's favorite fictional adventurers. The hero of a series of novels and short stories, as well as several radio, television and movie series, the Saint has been portrayed by such memorable actors as Vincent Price, George Sanders, Roger Moore, and Val Kilmer. The Saint was a big an influence on Charles Lee Jackson II's writing mentor McDaniel, the critically-acclaimed Man from U.N.C.L.E. novelist. And, Jackson, the creator of the Emperor and Emperorverse, acknowledges there is a more than a dash of of that same swashbuckling spirit in the Emperor's makeup.

"Leslie Charteris is one of my favorite authors, and 'the Saint' -- Simon Templar -- a favorite character. Though I didn't do it consciously, some of the literary Saint's characteristics and history have influenced my style of adventuring as The Emperor. (In fact, it was only a few years ago that I realized one huge parallel between Simon and CL -- each originally had a merry band of confreres working with him on adventures, but each later more often worked alone or with a partner or two -- usually a woman -- on adventures.) The Emperor certainly owes a tip of his crown to the Saint."

And here's that Tip of the Crown, a lavish illustration of the Saint in a train car, taking an interest in two people who have been swindled out of their life savings by a millionaire, from a 1936 issue of The American Magazine.

 You can see a much bigger image of this illustration at our Facebook page, The Emperor's Amazing Adventures.

If you're a fan of the Saint, try Charles Lee Jackson II's daredevil hero, the Emperor.  Start now with the first book, The Emperor's Gambit

"Nonstop action. Thriller fans will love it."
--Joe Vadalma, author of The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch.

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